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For Over 60 years, our Family has manufactured custom, industrial sewing machines for the Sports Industry. Early on, we developed equipment to sew sports apparel, covers, tents, flags, tarps, seats, etc. In the late 1950’s, we developed heavy duty sewing machines capable of applying edging to the carpet/mat border. As time progressed, we developed machinery to fabricate sports netting. In 2007, we took the synthetic turf industry by storm when we introduced our Turf Monster.

Our machines & tools have also been employed to make sports memorabilia, patches, and logo mats. They’re custom designed and built to last a lifetime. That’s been the aim of our company since its inception and we’ll continue on that path. Our fleet of sewing equipment offers the perfect machine or tool for every on the field sewing application.

To this day, original NC Machines from the 1950’s still come in for service. We offer 24-hour repair service, same day supply shipping, free training videos, and industry specific industrial sewing machines for the sports field, court, and stadium.


Industrial Sewing Machines For The Sports Industry

Sewing Machines For Tarps, Covers, Tents, Cushions, Awnings, Seats, Blankets :

How do I sew sports tarps? NC Upholstery Sewing Machines are custom built to sew all sports related sewing applications. They’re available in standard walking foot, long arms, zig-zag, and double needles. Our upholstery sewing units are reliable and perfect for sewing aircraft, tarps, covers, auto, marine, recreational vehicles, awnings, canopies, leathers, cushions, seats, sunbrella, furniture, banners, tents, etc.  With various sports specialty machines available, you can select the perfect sewing machine for your sports field, arena, or stadium job.

Custom Sewing Machines for fabricating Sports Netting:

How to make Sports Netting? Our line of sports netting sewing machinery is not only the most heavy duty, but also the most capable. Where other netting machines can sew one operation, the NC Line is able to perform 3 functions. You can attach any rope to any net, join nets together, and overlock netting. They are perfect for sewing all sports netting jobs: Volleyball nets, batting cages, golf netting, baseball cages/nets, windscreens, hockey nets, paintball, etc.

Industrial Sewing Machines for Installing Synthetic Turf Fields:

How do I Sew or Repair synthetic sports Turf? The fabrication of synthetic sports fields is made easy by our Turf Monster Sewing Machines.  In addition to cart style sports field sewers, we offer portable hand held sewers, tools, and supplies.  The tools to install synthetic turf fields include hand held shears that trim turf pile height, cutters for turf seams & logos, and binding machines that apply a border to mats.  The newest edition our line of tools are RASOR CUTTERS- Italy.  We are now the exclusive North American distributor for their synthetic turf cutters.  The GC09 Field Line Cutter and the hand held Speedcut are remarkable units that truly enhance the NC Line of Cutters. 

Specialty Tools & Sewing Machines for Sports Memorabilia, Uniforms, and Patches:

The best machines for sewing Sports Memorabilia, Uniforms, and Patches! Our line of design tools and sewing machines are used to help create sports memorabilia and patches. In addition, our fleet of industrial sewing machines are able to sew uniforms and all sports apparel. The sewing of uniforms and sports apparel is much simpler. If you need to fabricate a jersey, most sewing workrooms know exactly which machines to employ.  Whether it’s a plain sewer, coverstitch, overlock, walking foot, button sewer, tacker, or blindstich machine…we have them in stock at all times. Sewing patches to apparel can be performed with a walking foot machine. The pretty perimeter stitching around the border of a patch is called a ‘pearl stitch’.  A recent job performed by Kenney Designs for the New York Yankees employed our model BAC & 467 Design Carver.

Custom Logos for Turf, Carpet, and Mats:

Custom sports logos can now be placed on carpet & mat with optimal efficiency.  Together with Accu-Cut, we’ve formed a one stop shop team for fabricating custom mats & carpets for the sports industry, stadium, and arena. The NC Brand Carpet Binders apply a perimeter border the edge to finish off the carpet/mat.  The Accu-Cut Laser Cutter & Logo Laser Machine can imprint your desired image, logo, message, etc to any carpet or mat.  You’ll also find hundreds of perimeter edgings here along with hand held field cutters & tools.  Lastly, if your stadium requires safety/entrance mats look no further than our patented portable entrance mat machine.

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