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The 860N Netting Machine is Designed Specifically
for Fine and Light Duty Netting and Rope.

The 860N unit is employed mainly because it doesn’t bunch fine netting. It’s custom setup includes positive top and bottom feeding which generates optimal pulling power. This specialty unit provides a lifetime of reliable sewing at an affordable price.

If you're looking for an efficient, fast, and reliable netting machine to attach your fine/light netting & rope, the 860N is perfect. It’s ideal for drawstring bags, safety, and mosquito nets.


Equipped with Complete
Table Workstation


Model 860N Features:

 • The manufacturers of drawstring bags & mosquito nets
 • Perfect for very fine netting.
 • Capable of serging / finishing the edge of netting
 • High speed sewing
 • Automatic Self-Oiler
 • Made Specifically for Netting Industry
 • High Speed Top & Bottom Feed
 • Variable Sped Feed System
 • Designed and Made In USA
 • No Slippage
 • Minimum Maintenance



 $5,000.00 860N Netting Machine

Industrial Sewing Machines For The Sport Netting Industry

Our 860N Netting Machine is Designed Specifically for Fine and Light Duty Netting and Rope.

We have prepared our Sports Netting Machines to sew sports nets, safety netting, cargo nets, fishing nets, construction nets, laundry bags, and mosquito nets. Clients such as West Coast Netting, AerFlo, Blue Mountain, and Sportsfield Specialties purchased these units to cut back on downtime and part replacement costs. An added bonus is that our industrial sewing machines built to last a lifetime with low operating costs. Simply the best net making machine, Sports net sewing machine on the market.

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