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The Accu-Cut X-33  is "An advanced cutting machine designed
for high volume usage where efficiency is a must.".

Wrap around foot cable control, air powered roll up arm, speed control, auto run feature, adjustable load cradle and automatic anti-cone control provide for ease of use. AUTOMATED OPERATION Program in the desired measurement the X-33 will advance the material, lower the hold down arm, reset the counter, begin the roll-up process, monitor and adjust the roll as necessary then stop at the programmed length. Automatically, effortlessly and rapidly! ADJUSTABLE, SQUARING CRADLE

The X-33's load cradle can be adjusted in three ways: Shuttle forward or backward, Pivot for squaring, and use the clam shell design to adjust for roll diameter. Effortlessly provides full control over the material! PLC CONTROL Includes a foot & inch counter, preset cut storage system, security keypad, cut counter, change blade reminder, multiple product settings and more. The machine will automatically stop precisely at the programmed length!

Model Accu-Cut X-33  Features:

  Extremely space efficient, folds to 48
  Extremely portable
  Programmable counter
  2 speed settings
  Dumping mechanism to dump cuts
  Foot cable control around the machine
  Back rolls remnants
  Two direction cutting system

Extremely Simple Cut and Roll Machine


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Industrial Sewing Machines For The Sport Industry

Custom Sports Binding Sewing Machines for Sports Fields:

Sewing Sports table model machines are the fastest and most industrial carpet binding machines in the world. They are also capable of binding, fringing, serging, and applying wide borders. Built on USA-made sewing heads, we transform them into carpet binders here at our plant in New Jersey. They are all capable of applying various binding tapes, carpet fringe, serge tape, and wide border tapestry tapes. Original NC portables from the 1970's are still in operation to this day.

N-C's line of table model rug binders is six times larger than that of the next closest competitor. So whether you want to bind base, area rugs, rope, mats, runners, shag, berbers, sisals, auto, air, or marine carpet N-C has a table model perfect for your carpet and rug binding needs. Original N-C table model carpet binders from the 1950's are still in service to this day. N-C is credited with developing the first-ever bobbinless, zig-zag, industrial carpet binder. The TPB is the world's most capable binding machine and our model SB is the fastest binding at a rate of 60 feet per minute. As long as you keep them oiled, cleaned, and serviced, they are built to withstand a lifetime of daily use in applying carpet binder tape.

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