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One man can cut a field in less than a day.
The GC10 cuts all field lines with ease & precision.

The GC10 is deigned to cut all synthetic turf field lines, sidelines, and even curved lines. This unit is equipped with two 3/4 horsepower cutting heads that guarantee even, parallel cuts. The GC10 is able to cut any turf thickness with absolute ease. The cutting width can be changed in seconds and it’s equipped with push button sharpening.

By employing the GC10 you’ll save days and countless labor hours on the jobsite. The GC10 is more cost effective and provides precision cuts versus the slow, inaccurate sleds. One man can cut an entire field in less than a day. And yes, that also includes all circle/curved line cuts. The optional radius kit shown below and in the video makes cutting circles a snap. This unit is used by the likes of Applied Landscape, Atlantic Sports Group, Archo Construction, Didsa Turf, and Elite Synthetic Surfaces.


GC-10 Electric Cutter Features:

Easily adjustable cutting width
Cutting base plate eliminates sub-base interference
Fingertip controls, minimal labor required
Blade Speed 650 rpm.
Will cut all turf styles on the market
Push button blade sharpening system

 $4,750.00 GC-10 Electric cutter

Optional GC-10 Electric Cutter Radius Kit:

This kit, consisting of a series of aluminum rods with screwed coupling, allows the realization of circular lines cuts such as field center circle or penalty area lunettes in soccer turfs with 5, 6, 7
and 11 players.

12 aluminum rods with screw male/ female coupling for all radiuses
Screw type steel coupling on the equipment, with personalizable adjustment
Central pin to be pinned in the field ground and pivoting at 360°
30 x 30 cm plaque with central bushing for wide radiuses (optional)
Off support PVC wheels to attenuate friction with the round and rods rigidity
Rugged portable bag to contain the kit components

 $760.00 Complete Radius Kit For Curved Field Cuts


“The cutter pays for itself within the 1st few fields.”Jacob Rodriguez, Didsa Turf

“We liked it so much we ordered another.” - Jami, Atlantic Sports Group

Here at Turf Sewing Machines, we have become the exclusive USA Distributor for the Rasor Cutter lineup. We’re very impressed with the cutter’s quality and have welcomed it into our family of precision synthetic turf installation equipment. We stock all parts, blades, and also perform repairs on the GC09. In addition to the GC10, we also stock the Rasor Speedcut. The Speedcut is the industry’s only electric hand held cutter that is able to cut through any synthetic turf AND track materials. You can also view Speedcut in action on our site. .




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