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The Portable NC Millennium 2009 '4X4' Portable Binder is
Perfect for Sewing on the Field… Anywhere.

The NC Millennium 2009 is powered by 3 independently clutch driven pullers + front feeder. The NC Millennium 4x4 is three times faster than conventional bobbin type portables. If you encounter golf mats, rugs, or any sporting surface that requires a perimeter border, the Mil2009 is yoru answer. Take them on the job site or use them in-house for binding Turf or Carpet. These units are lightweight, easy to handle, and affordable.


Bind 1000's of feet
without changing thread


Model Millennium 2009 Features:

• Take on the jobsite, lightweight & easy to use.
• 4th Generation Millennium Makes others obsolete.
• Bobbin-less, Chain-lock Stitch 3 pullers+ feeder.
• Uses 2 large spools of thread (throw away your bobbins)
• Push Button Oiling, 4 pulling mechanisms.
• Accommodates Tape,7/8",11/4", 3" & Wide Borders
• Binds any ROOM-SIZE carpet at 16’ per minute.
• Hand wheel makes turning corners effortlessly.
• Take Up Assembly (Helps Eliminate Missed Stitches).
• Long Stabilizing Base give you a "Cadillac" feel.
• Instructional/Maintenance Video.


 $4,900.00 NC2009 4x4 bobbin-less


Portable Sewing Binding Machines For The Sport Industry

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Take NC Portable Sports Binding Machines on the jobsite or utilize in-house. NC portable Sports machines are available in both bobbin-type and bobbinless models. They are all capable of applying various binding tapes, carpet fringe, serge tape, and wide border tapestry tapes. Original NC portables from the 1970's are still in operation to this day.

NC Portable Sports Binders are built with the same industrial integrity today as they were in the 1970's. If you need a reliable and cost effective way to bind Sports carpet or turf, NC Portable Sports Binders will guarantee your satisfaction. You'll also find our portable tapestry machine which applies wide borders to the carpet edge. Our portable entrance mat rubber nosing machine is also located in this category.

N-C portable carpet binders are designed to work anywhere. Take them on the job site or use them in-house for binding your own carpets. These units are lightweight, easy to handle, and affordable. Available in 4 models, our portable rug binders are able to bind, serge, fringe, and apply tapestry wide borders. We have 3 portable bobbin type rug binders as well as our revolutionary bobbinless portable carpet binder Millennium. No other company can match our selection, functionality, and precision machines. Original N-C portable carpet and rug binding machines from the 1970's are still in service to this day. As long as you keep the equipment oiled, cleaned, and serviced, it is built to withstand daily use for many years.


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