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The NC311 Simplest, Most Affordable
Heavy-Duty Hand-held Carpet Shear

The NC311 is the simplest, most affordable tool for shearing high piled carpet or turf.  This electric shear  allows you to shear your carpet edge to desired height and angle, thus enabling you to apply an edging. Protective teeth on the NC311 won't allow you to damage the carpet. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and can also shear tough reach places on carpets that pill. It’s equipped with a convenient carry case, lubricant, & cleaning brush..


Carpet Shears


NC311 Shears Feature:

• Trim high piled carpet to desired height
• Convenient carry case, cleaning brush, & lubricant
• Available in both 110v. & 220v
• Spare blades and parts available for purchase
• Lightweight, easy to use
• Powerful self cooling motor
• Easily cleaned filter screen




     $275.00 NC311 NC Hand Held Electric Shear



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