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The PDC-3A1 Design Carver is Utilized to Sculpt
Designs into Sports Turf & Carpet.

The PDC-3A1 is made entirely in the United States and is designed to withstand multiple daily shift use. It is unquestionably the world's most rugged, powerful design carver. The PDC-3A1 requires minimal maintenance and of course boast the "NC Comfort Grip" technology. Let your imagination run wild as you turn your sports turf and carpet into works of art. The PDC was recently utilized to help fabricate the NY Yankees memorabilia mats done by Kenney MFG & Steiner Sports.


NC Comfort Grip" technology 
made in the USA


Model PDC-3A1 Features:

• Comfort Grip Technology
• Lightweight design
• Longer lasting Rocker Arm Bearing
• BUILT IN tubes
• Ultimate in maneuverability
• 60 PSI
As pictured, the N-C Swivel Cable


ALL NEW OPTION for Model PDC-3A1 :

Suggested Purchase :  ‘KIT’ for Air Carvers

·•  In-line lubricator, Water pump, & Air gauge regulator
·• Gauge reading 0-160 PSI
·• Keeps your unit dry & oiled and controls PSI

As pictured, the N-C KIT’ for Air Carvers

 $1,695.00 PDC-3A1 Rugged, Comfortable Carpet Design Carver

 $70.00 NCC Swivel Hose

 $125.00 PDC-3A1 KIT’ for Air Carvers

Industrial Sewing Machines For The Sports Sewing Industry

PDC-3A1 Rugged, Comfortable Carpet Design Carver & Specialty Tools for Sewing  Sports Memorabilia, Uniforms, and Patches:

Our line of design tools and sewing machines are used to help create sports memorabilia and patches. In addition, our fleet of industrial sewing machines are able to sew uniforms and all sports apparel. The sewing of uniforms and sports apparel is much simpler. If you need to fabricate a jersey, most sewing workrooms know exactly which machines to employ. We have those readily available at all times. Whether it’s a plain sewer, coverstitch, overlock, walking foot, button sewer, tacker, or blindstich machine…we have them in stock at all times. Sewing patches to apparel can be performed with a walking foot machine. The pretty perimeter stitching around the border of a patch is called a ‘pearl stitch’.

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