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The PNUCT Pneumatic Air
Hand-Held Logo Cutter

Weighing only 2 pounds, the PNUCT hand held cutter is able to cut sports turf with ease. Equipped with a bottom plate that keeps the sub-base from interfering, the PNUCT is perfect for cutting out logos and all straight synthetic turf cuts. This unit will not bog down or slow down no matter what synthetic turf it encounters. Equipped with a self sharpening blade, the PNUC is also used on auto tire & the world’s dense backed carpet.


Pneumatic Air
Hand-Held Cutter


PNUC Cutter Feature:

•  2 lbs Self sharpening blade
•  Pneumatic air operated (70-80 PSI)
•  Cuts all industrial carpets (rubber back, action back)
•  Cuts straight and curved cuts
•  Comfort grip
•  Gear driven
•  Muffler: eliminates air flow noise
•  N-C design, mass manufactured in Germany



  $1495.00 PNUC hand held cutter


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