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The RSWS is Perfect for Cutting Curved Running Tracks
& All Synthetic Field Cutting Requirements.

The RSWS is our most powerful cutter and the world’s only 6” Blade cutter. Capable of cutting dense track, it can also handle the curved cuts tracks require. Setup with a Ύ Horsepower motor, the RSWS also has a fingertip sharpening trigger & on/off button. If you require it, a 4 foot extension handle can be mounted making it an upright cutter. The RSWS is on wheels and can roll along smooth surfaces or if you prefer mounted. There is no cutter in our line that will cut sports turf, carpet , or mats with more ease.


6" Single Blade
Turf Cutter


RSWS 6" Single Blade Cutter Feature:

• 3/4 HP Motor
• Twist-lock plug, eliminating terminal pin breakage
• Eliminates thick rug resistance
• No bucking. make straight, accurate cuts
• Cuts through heavy material
• 6" blade for longer-lasting blade life
• Sealed motor bearings for grease-free operation
• All controls within fingertip reach
• Available in either 110/115V 60 cycle
   or 220/230V 50 cycle or 380/440V-50 cycle


 $2,250.00 Pneumatic Air Hand-Held Cutter


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