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SpeedCut 2 Cuts All Sports
Turf & Track With Ease.

The electric Rasor® Speedcut 2 is ideal for cutting sports turf & track by hand. It’s lightweight, versatile, and able to make curved cuts. This unit is perfect for on the field cutting and comes with a sturdy, convenient carry case. It ensures sharp, precise cuts without fraying.

Thanks to the new fiber opening system, the blade only cuts the backing as turf remains intact. It can be used to cut any turf and any backing without limits. The Speedcut 2 is only hand-held electric cutter in the world that rivals the cutting power of pneumatic hand held cutters.



Speedcut 2 Features:

  • 4 Edge Blade, 70mm width
  • Blade speed 750 rpm.
  • Will cut 20mm backing height
  • Cuts any carpet style with ease
  • Equipped with push button blade sharpener

$1,200.00  Speedcut 2 Electric cutter Parts Book

$45.00  Speedcut 2 Electric cutter Blade

$12.50  Speedcut 2 Sharpening Stone

$9.00  S14 Can blade lubricant Cools while removing melted glue

$9.00  S14L Blade lubricant bottle Cools while removing melted glue

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