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Watch our NC Sport Sewing Machines in action! Below each machine has a video, some features and a direct link to more detailed information, features and options. The Videos are broken down into categories for your convenience.

Videos of Industrial Sewing Machines for Sports Tarps, Covers,
Cushions, Tents, Awnings, Blankets, Padding, Velcro, On Deck Circles


NCS Turf Shear Features:

• 1/2 Horsepower motor, 5000 RPM’s
• Easily adjustable shearing depth
• Weighs 25lbs, easily carried on the jobsite
• Extra Heavy Design, Built For Life
• Available in 110volts & 220volts.
• Shears down to the backing in a single pass.
• Quality, Design, & Engineering
• Proudly designed & Manufactured in the USA


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Model 81200SN Features:

 • 81200 USA Made Mainframe
 • Top & Bottom clutch driven pullers
 • Avail. In both single & twin needle
 • Complete with table workstation
 • Adjustable speed, silent servo motor
 • One Binding Tape Attachment is included
 • 40+ Feet Per Minute

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Model GC09 Rasor Features:

• Easily adjustable cutting width
• Cutting base plate eliminates sub-base
• Fingertip controls, minimal labor required
• Blade Speed 650 rpm.
• Will cut all turf styles on the market
• Push button blade sharpening system

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Model Speedcut Features:

  • 4 Edge Blade, 70mm width 
  • Blade speed 750 rpm.
· •  Will cut 20mm backing height
  • Max turf height: all sizes on the market
  • Equipped with push button blade sharpener

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Model NC206RB Features:

 •  "Single Needle Walking Foot"
 •  Complete with table, motor, & stand
 •  Single Needle Walking Foot
 •  large bobbin
 •  Able to sew light to heavy duty materials
 •  Self Oiling
 •  Bobbin Winder included
 •  Heavy duty frame & design

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Model NC211RB Features:

 • Double needle compound walking foot
 • Includes table, motor, stand workstation
 • Large Bobbin machine
 • Back Tack Lever
 • Extra high lift
 • Compound walking foot design
 • Standard parts availability
 • Self Oiling

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Model NC206RBL Features:

 • 30" Long Arm Compound Walking Foot
 • Includes table, motor, stand workstation
 • Large bobbin 30 inch inside sewing bed
 • Horizontal axis hook
 • Up to 3 stitches per inch
 • Standard feet and attachments

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Model NC211RBL Features:

 • Equipped with table, servo motor, & stand
 • 25” long arm sewing throat
 • Large bobbin, extra high lift
 • Reverse/back tack lever
 • Pneumatic & Manual foot lift
 • Available gauges from 1/8” – 11/2”
 • Stitch length dial.

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Model NC305L Features:

 • 21" Long Arm Zig -Zag & Straight Stitch
 • Extra High Lift Walking foot, self oiling
 • Includes table, motor, stand
 • Compound Walking foot
 • Automatic self-oiling
 • Extra high lift
 • Back tack lever
 • Zig zag stitch
 • Standard parts availability

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Videos For all Sports Netting Applications


Model 81500NTP Features:

 • Attach any rope to any net
 • Serge/finish the edge of netting
 • Joins any two nets together
 • Feeding system lines up netting & rope
 • Includes Complete Table Workstation
 • Servo Motor: Silent Running & Adjustable
 • SRPT: 'Special Rear Puller Technology'
 • Increased pulling power for difficult jobs
 • Attach ropes from .080-.7 inch (2-18mm)
 • Maximum S.P.I. 2.5 (10mm).
 • Stitches: 1200/minute
 • Top Roller Feed For Serging application
 • Netting Machine Designed in the USA

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Model 81200TF Features:

 • Capable of attaching rope to netting
 • Serge or finish the edge of netting
 • Joins any two nets together
 • Equipped with table workstation
 • Extra heavy duty 81200 class machine
 • Attach ropes from .080-.625 inch (2-15mm)
 • Sew parallel or diagonal to the edge.
 • Maximum S.P.I. 2.5 (10mm).
 • Stitches: 1200/minute.
 • Top roller feed for serging all netting
 • Variable Speed Feed Roller System
 • No slippage

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Model 860N Features:

 • Make drawstring bags & mosquito nets
 • Perfect for very fine netting.
 • Serging or finishing the edge of netting
 • High speed sewing
 • Automatic Self-Oiler
 • Made Specifically for Netting Industry
 • High Speed Top & Bottom Feed
 • Variable Sped Feed System
 • Designed and Made In USA
 • No Slippage
 • Minimum Maintenance

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Videos for Turf Field Installation, Cutters, Turf Pile Shears,
Pneumatic Turf & Logo cutters, & other Turf Installation Tools


Turf Monster Features:

 •  Minimizes labor and part replacement.
 •  Guaranteed to streamline your operation.
 •  Technology makes other units obsolete.
 •  Free Training at your convenience.
 •  Turf Monster Literally pulls itself.
 •  Rear Top & Bottom Clutch Puller
 •  Extra Heavy Duty USA Made Head
 •  4 Threads, Double Needle Chain-lock
 •  Ergonomic Turf Cart, finger tip control
 •  110volt or 220volt motor standard.
 •  Heavy Duty & swiveling front wheels

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Turf Monster B Features:

 • 2 Thread Butt Seam stitch Lays turf flatter
 • Minimizes labor and part replacement.
 • Guaranteed to streamline your operation.
 • Technology makes other units obsolete.
 • Free Training at your convenience.
 • Turf Monster Literally pulls itself.
 • N-C Rear Top & Bottom Clutch Puller
 • Extra Heavy Duty USA Made Head
 • Ergonomic Turf Cart with finger tip control
 • Both 110volt or 220volt motor
 • Heavy Duty & swiveling front wheels

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360 Turf Cutter Features:

 • 10 sided round knife 60mm diameter
 • Counter knife (carbide tipped) assembly
 • NiCad battery pack (9.6 VDC)
 • NC-360-04-1 Battery charger 115V
 • NC-360-04-2 Battery charger 230V
 • NC-360-05 Sharpening stone

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RSWS 6" Cutter Feature:

 • 3/4 HP Motor
 • Directly wired with twist-lock plug
 • Eliminates thick rug resistance
 • No bucking. make straight, accurate cuts
 • Cuts through heavy material
 • 6" blade for longer-lasting blade life
 • Sealed motor bearings
 • All controls within fingertip reach
 • Available in either
   110/115V 60 cycle
   220/230V 50 cycle
   380/440V-50 cycle

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PNUC hand held cutter Feature:

 •  2 lbs Self sharpening blade
 •  Pneumatic air operated (70-80 PSI)
 •  Cuts all industrial carpets
 •  Cuts straight and curved cuts
 •  Comfort grip
 •  Gear driven
 •  Muffler: eliminates air flow noise

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GC-09 Electric Cutter Features:

 • High tech mechanics
 • Steel, bronze and aluminum components
 • Professional reliable and strong
 • Bendable stainless steel handle
 • Equipment guaranteed

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Speedcut Features:

  • Steel, hard metal counter blade
  • Blade speed: 750 rpm
  • Turf cutting ability: 20 mm (of backing)
  • Max turf height: all turf sizes on market
  • Equipped with blade sharpener

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Video for Industrial Sewing Machines for Sports
Memorabilia, Patches, Uniforms, & Apparel


Model PDC-3A1 Features:

• Comfort Grip Technology
• Lightweight design
• Longer lasting Rocker Arm Bearing
• BUILT IN tubes
• Enclosed design eliminates discomfort
• Ultimate in maneuverability
• 60 PSI
N-C Swivel Cable

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Videos for Custom Industrial Sports Engravers
Cut Logos Into Artificial Turf & Carpet


Millennium 2009 Features:

 • Lightweight & easy to use.
 • 4th Generation Millennium
 • Bobbin-less, Chain-lock Stitch
 • 3 pullers+ feeder.
 • Uses 2 large spools of thread
 • Push Button Oiling
 • 4 pulling mechanisms.
 • Accommodates Tape,7/8",11/4", 3"
 • Binds ROOM-SIZE carpet at 16’ pm
 • Hand wheel for turning corners easy
 • Extra Long Stabilizing Base
 • Instructional/Maintenance Video

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TPB Features:

 • Free $195 Fringe Guide/Attachment
 • Bobbin-less, Chain-lock Stitch, Self Oiling
 • Longer lasting customized parts
 • Quick Change attachments
 • Attachment reduces tape puckering.
 • Extra wide Rear puller top and bottom
 • Provides increased pulling power
 • 1/2 HP Table Motor Stand
   (110/220V-50/60) Cycle
 • Motor with Reversible Switch
 • Made in the USA.

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NCPSAIR Features:

 • Extra heavy duty design
 • Large stabilizing rubber casters
 • Carpet pile wont bust through your serge
 • Two thread wrap around serge.
 • 3/8" width serged edge.
 • Twin puller driven
 • Life long lasting machine
 • Serging oriental rugs, runners, Berbers
 • Minimal maintenance
 • 110 volt/60 cycle USA
   or 220 volt/50 cycle
 • Patent # 11/300,670 Made in USA

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Model 81200AIR-RFW/B Features:

 • Lifetime 81200 series Serger mainframe
 • Serging oriental rugs, runners, Berbers
 • Tape underlay never busts through
 • Ultimate cornering technology
 • Increased maneuverability
 • Two thread machine
 • Wrap around 3/8 " Serged edge
 • Top and bottom driven rear pullers
 • Non-slip double puller technology
 • Minimal maintenance.
 • Designed for multiple daily shifts.

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Model Accu-Cut J2  Features:

 • One Person Operation
 • Fast Straight Cuts
 • User Friendly Controls
 • Cut Piece Removal
 • Space Saving Design
 • Reverse Roll
 • PLC Control.

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Model Accu-Cut J12 Features:

 • Easy to Use, One Person Operation
 • Fast Straight & Accurate Cuts
 • User Friendly Controls
 • process 15-20 times as many rugs
 • Easily program patterns and logos
 • Working platform: Conveyor table
 • Cutting speed: Approx. 100' per min
 • Moving system: Offline controlling
 • Software:
   Support for AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST

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